Matelen's philosophy is what its motto describes, to become "The Wood Factory". A factory that would be acknowledged not only from its' co-workers but from its' antagonists, as well. This aspiration can only be fulfilled by the strive for ultimate quality; through the thorough and precise sourcing of raw materials, the use of advanced technologies and by providing an efficient customer service.

Combining deep timber knowledge with the newest technologies needed to process it, so as to enhance its characteristics, represents our most important target.

Our corporate investment plan consists of constant on-the-job training and the excellent conditions of its machineries and tools, in order to ensure that the product meets always the requirements of the most discerning customers.

The undivided attention for the research is shown by the steady cooperation of our Technical Department together with specialists in order to improve the technologies and together with famous designers in order to create original & multi-purpose products.

The strategic advantage of Matelen is further supported by the company's storage capacity and by its efficiency in dealing with orders, so that the customers can always rely in an excellent service.
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Matelen is proud to welcome you on its new internet site. We hope that you will find our site useful and enjoyable on your visit. Please, remind to keep an eye on our news sector as we will keep you...