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Learn about Thermowood - Benefit from the advantages of wood and forget its weaknesses!

Thermowood is a natural product, entirely ecological, resulting from heat-treated wood. In the production process, there are no additives, radiation, chemical or natural substancesused, only heat and water.

Its characteristic dark color, with the appropriate finishing methods, strengthens the feeling of warmth and luxury that is already given by the wood.

The actual value of Thermowood lies in its behavior when used and the amazing properties that specify it:

- Deformation: In contrast to the untreated wood, Thermowood maintains relatively stable dimensions after the changes in humidity, resulting in a significant reduction of the possibility of distortion or tearing.

- Biological resistance: The Thermowood has eliminated all ingredients constituting food for fungi and bacteria, thus dramatically increasing its biological durability.

- Mechanical resistance: With theThermowood heat treatment, the mechanical properties of the wood are not significantly affected, but due to the minimization of humidity, they are shown slightly improved.

- Screwing / nailing: Due to the changes in the cell structure of wood, the stability of it when being nailed and screwed is reduced. This can be eliminated using suitable stainless steel screws.

- Gluing: The adhesive capacity of timber is not affected by the Thermowood heat treatment.

- Hardness: During the Thermowood production process, the Brinell hardness is increased compared to the non-heat treated products.

- Fire safety: Thermowood products are in category class D, according to the European regulation EN 13501. However, using the appropriate fireproof chemicals, they canupgrade to class A.

- Isolation: Thermowood results ina 20% greater heat insulation, compared to the untreated wood.

- Maintenance: The external wall claddings require maintenance every 5 to 8 years, while the external floors every 1 to 1.5 years.

- Treatment: Thermowood is treated like all wood types.

- Health and safety: Thermowood products are natural and entirely harmless to the environment and to humans.

All the above features make Thermowood ideal for frames, claddings and exterior flooring, since its stability shows enormous resistance to weather conditions and all natural enemies of wood.

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