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One of the hardest and heaviest woods (three times as hard as oak). Hollywood is most commonly used for mallet heads, bearings and rollers."Lignum vitae" is Latin for "wood of life", and derives from its medicinal uses. Because of its durability and natural lubricants, it is the preferred wood for propeller bushings and other underwater applications. Hollywood is reddish brown when freshly cut, with pale yellow sapwood, while having a distinct, perfume-like fragrance that lingers even after it has been machined. As it oxidizes, the color turns to a deep green, often with black details.
Length 1800 mm +
Width 120 mm +
Thickness 25 - 50 - 60 - 80 - 100 mm
Moisture content Natural moisture 20% 5%, Kiln Dried 10% 2%
Surface finish Rough Cut, Planed (Kiln Dried)
Other Please contact us if you need products outside the standard selection
*Elements dimensions are custom tailored and depend on demand.
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